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Photographer: @colincassidy1 | Colin Cassidy
Model: @iojalial | Laila Joi

The cargo sock is Plessume’s follow up to the Slam High. We sought to create a sock that has rarely been attempted in the past. The sock takes nods from military surplus garments. Providing ample storage, while also complementing the initial Slam High. Featuring two button flap side pockets, users will have no issue fitting their id, credit cards, chapstick, cigarettes, etc.

The cargo sock has been exclusively developed for Plessume. Using a unique production process, each pocket is attatched by hand. Crafted from soft 100% wool, woven to be breathable. Delivers in custom military inspired packaging. The Cargo sock retails for $39usd.

Available worldwide wednesday March 30th, 2022 @ 11am est.